WE ARE ONE virtual 5k

We are organizing this virtual run to motivate and connect with other runners during this unprecedented time.
We are in a challenging moment but running has given us hope and has kept our dream intact regardless disappointing news each single day.

We now decide to run virtual and share with others what we love most.
My runners are going through challenging time and some go to bed hungry, says team leader Daniel.

He continues to tell us that each single day presents with different experience. Like now, We have a runner, Kingsley, who is sick but we pray he gets back strong. I have asked help to support them and hope it comes true.

The WE ARE ONE virtual 5k is a open to all members of the Connect The Track Strava group. On 7’th of August we all run 5k to connect the tracks. Let´s support and motivate each other!

Please join the Strava group on this link – https://www.strava.com/clubs/590323 and the event on this link – https://www.strava.com/clubs/590323/group_events/758443

CTT means Connect The Tracks