Our bracelets

You’ve probably seen Kenyan athletes wearing Kenyan flag bracelets on their wrists. The bracelets are made of small plastic beads twined together by hand. Each bracelet are made up of hundreds of pearls.

The bracelets are common in Kenya and you’ll see them being made pretty much all over the place.

When I visited Daniel the first time he gave me a bracelet after our run. An appreciated gift I still wear more than a year later. On hard runs it motivates me to push. When I feel tired it reminds me that recovery is key to consistency.

When we got the idea to create our “own” bracelets we wanted them made locally in the community where Daniel and his team live and run.

Monicah Naserian in the process of making yet another great bracelet.

Our bracelets are made by, Monicah, a good friend of Daniel and an excellent craftswoman. We order 20-30 bracelets per batch and they are all prepaid. By ordering locally we inject a small amount of money into the local economy. Empowering small local businesses.

We do sell the bracelets at a premium to you. No doubt about that. But the entire surplus is sent back to the team of runners. So basically all money go back to Ngong, Kenya.

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All products on this site are sold for non profit. Except for postage and packing all funds are transferred back to the running community in Ngong, Kenya. And as always; if you have an old unused GPS watch laying around, please send it to us so we can give it a new and faster life.
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We hope you’ll find something that can motive you or a friend to push for even higher goals.

// Fredrik and Daniel

You need a steady hand and patience to create the bracelets.