It’s pretty simple. Send your watch to us and we’ll make sure it’s distributed to a runner in Kenya.

Send watch to:

Connect The Tracks
Att: Fredrik Davidsson
JW Wulffsgatan 2
SE-231 45 Trelleborg

Make sure to include watch and charging/data cable. If you want to connect with the person receiving the watch please add information about your Strava account.

What kind of watch do we need?

The watch should be fully functional with GPS reception and decent battery life. Avoid sending original packaging as it makes transportation expensive. But please make sure to package the watch so it will survive the transport.

Connect with the new owner?

It’s fun to see your old watch getting a new and faster life on the arm of a runner i Kenya. We strive to connect runners! But even with a GPS watch not all runners in Kenya are able to upload their runs to the internet. Make sure to add information about your Strava account and we’ll do our best to connect you!

Who will get your watch?

Daniel is a professional runner in Ngong, Kenya. Through him we’ll distribute your watch to a runner making a living as a professional runner or a person who aspire to become professional. Most runners, even those who call themselves professional, have a very hard life making ends meet. Your watch will help them to monitor their progression and also enables them to show and interact with runners and race directors around the world.

Get in touch

You can connect with us on Facebook or send Fredrik an email. Please also check in on this site to get updates from Kenya.

What’s up with the spring 2022 campaign?

You can send a watch to us whenever you want. But we try to get as many watches as possible within a set period to enable effective transport and distribution. We plan on getting watches down to Kenya around first of May 2022. So please send the watch in good time before that to get the watch down as part of the spring 2022 campaign.

Want to support without sending a watch?

This is a small operation and we don’t have any sponsors. We try to get friends to transport the watches from Sweden to Kenya but still have some expenses for postage and packaging. If you have a newer laptop that you would like to donate? Please get in touch.

We do appreciate any additional support besides the actual watches.

Outside the European Union?

If you send a watch to us from outside the EU please get in touch beforehand or make sure to set package value at a minimum. This so we don’t have to pay unnecessary import taxes.
(We don’t have anything against taxes, it’s just that the watches will not stay in Sweden.)

Kids in the runners compound receiving donated t-shirts. Probably some future fine runners in the group.