Do you have a unused runners watch?

Asked in a local Swedish small running group if somebody had a spare GPS watch they could donate to some runners I would meet up with in Kenya a couple of weeks later. Within a couple of hours I had six fairly new watches. The watches would get a new and most probably a faster life on the arms of Kenyan runners. A GPS watch would enable them to also post results on for example Strava. This public window will let the athletes promote and share their running to friends, fans and also race directors around the world.  

People who donated the watches was extremely happy to know that I would ask the receiver to add them on Strava. The empowerment and joy of seeing their old watch getting a new life was overwhelming. 

My name is Fredrik and I’ve worked with brand building professionally but also worked as the chairman of the board for a small NGO. I’ve seldom seen the level of dedication from donors as I did with this small “stunt” of mine. Connecting runners is a powerful driving force!

The first batch of GPS watches was handed over from runners in Sweden to runners in Kenya in the spring of 2019.

We made sure to take the opportunity and squeeze in a run as well.