Computer to runner

In the autumn of 2019 we did a Facebook fundraising to get Daniel a new computer. The main goal was to get a tool enabling him to keep in touch with the world but primarily to be able to educate and help other runners around Ngong with computer related stuff.

Fundraising description:

As you know, I have a couple of friends in Nairobi who run professionally. Elite runners who make their way from race to race.

Earlier this spring, I collected running watches for them. Watches that have come in great use. A newer GPS based watch can help them build social media contacts that might mean inviting them to different races. A prerequisite for their income.

Now I want to raise money so I can buy one or a pair of laptops for them. The idea is to buy something used that is reasonably new. The computer / computers will go with a friend down at the beginning of October.

Extremely grateful for all the contributions!

The fundraising was a great success and the computer arrived before Christmas.

Daniel with the new computer.